Yeasts for breweries “Gentle Yeast”

In our company, LEV2050, we have many different products, each with a different purpose. Today we are going to focus on several products for the brewing industry: the “Gentle Yeast” yeasts. These yeasts are selected for the fermentation of different types of beers.

Each type of beer needs a different type of yeast. Let’s see which ones they are.

Gentle Yeast Haze -001-

First of all, we have the “Gentle Yeast Haze -001”. This is a Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast, for the fermentation of all types of Ales, especially New England and Hazy IPAS styles. We obtain the fruity and clean character of the strain by fermenting in a high temperature range.

Gentle Yeast Bright -002-

Regarding the “Gentle Yeast Bright -002-” strain, it is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast, for the fermentation of all types of ales, such as Pale Ale, IPA and Double IPA. It is a strain with a neutral and clean profile that highlights the hoppy character of the beer.

Gentle Yeast Dark -003-

Then, we have the “Gentle Yeast Dark -003”. This is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeas, for the fermentation of Stout, Porter, Brown Ales and Amber Ales. It is a strain that fits perfecly with roasted and caramelised malts.

Gentle Yeast Bottom -004-

We shouldn’t forget the lagers, for which we select Saccharomyces Pastorianus yeast. It produces clean, fresh beers, accentuating the hoppy character.

Gentle Yeast Sour -005-

Finally, we have the Kluyveromyces Thermotolerans yeast, selected to obtain sharp pH drops and to express high fruit characters. This strain requires working at high temperatures and using a second yeast strain after the pH drop to finish the fermentation.


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