In the exciting world of oenology, every winery is in search of the secret to give its wines a unique character. Since 2011, at LEV2050, we have focused on achieving this authenticity from the microbiota present in the soil. Today, after 12 years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field of isolation, identification and selection of unique yeasts from each plot.

Yeasts live in the soil, are an inherent part of the ecosystem and faithfully reflect its balance. Wineries take advantage of this unique microbiological richness to make their wines unique. In this way, they distance themselves from the uniformity that could result from the use of commercial yeasts, and enhance the individuality of their grapes.

Our team of specialists has over a decade of experience in the detection and selection of autochthonous strains. We carry out exhaustive analyses that highlight both Saccharomyces and Non-Saccharomyces yeasts, in order to locate the strains with the best qualities for orchestrating fermentation.


Initially, we proceeded to isolate the yeasts present in the grapes, carrying out 100 isolations (complete study) or 70 isolations (reduced study) according to the winery’s requirements. We identify the different types of yeasts and strains found in the fields, highlighting their phylogenetic diversity.

We then analyse the most phylogenetically distant strains by means of micro-fermentations. We characterise 25 strains (full study) or 15 strains (reduced study) in these micro-vinifications, using the same wine base to obtain comparable results.

We then subject the micro-fermentations to exhaustive testing, looking for the yeast strains that exhibit the most outstanding virtues both in the fermentation process and in the organoleptic aspect. Our ultimate aim is to assist the winery in the creation of unique wines with authentic and singular profiles, exploiting the analytical data resulting from each fermentation process to the maximum.

At LEV2050, we currently have a yeast bank containing more than 16,000 strains. We keep them in optimal conditions at -80°C and multiply them industrially every year, expanding the collection with more than 250 yeast strains.

Once wineries have found their ideal yeasts or bacteria, they have the capacity to multiply them in-house thanks to our patented bioreactors (BR-LEV-LC or BR-CV), which allow this procedure to be carried out simply, accurately and efficiently in terms of time and cost.

LEV2050 Quality Commitment

At LEV2050, we have always prioritised quality in all our operations. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing innovative and reliable solutions. Our achievement of ISO 9001 certification is a clear reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all areas of our business.

About LEV2050

At LEV2050, we have been researching and developing specific products for our customers for over twelve years. Our product range has been carefully formulated to provide a balanced combination of essential elements, ensuring an exceptional result.

If you would like to find out more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address (info@lev2050.com). We hope you liked it!