LEV2050 has developed different models of bioreactors in order to adapt to the needs of its customers. In this way, any company interested in our patented bioreactors will find an equipment that meets their needs perfectly. In today’s article we tell you all the details of our BR-CV models.

What do BR-CV bioreactors do?

The LEV2050 BR-CV sparkling wine bioreactors are capable of performing the same functions as the BR-LEV-LC model, but they also have a unique function: yeast multiplication and subsequent controlled adaptation to ethanol for sparkling wines.

Exclusive advantages of the BR-CV model in sparkling wines


First of all, we emphasise automation. The multiplication and adaptation of yeast to ethanol is continuous and controlled. The addition of sugar, wine, nutrients, temperature control and oxygen flows are programmed and controlled at each stage. In addition, the increased cell concentration of >200 million cells/mL (4 times more concentration than a traditional process) allows for less volume addition in the run. Finally, it is remarkable the increase of viability > 90% even in 5 days maintenance after the generation of the vat foot.

 BR-CV LEV2050


The most striking results that can be achieved with LEV2050 BR-CV bioreactors are the following:

Improvement of the aromatic profile, due to an optimal oxygenation of the whole process, to avoid reductions and oxidations. In addition, we add a quarter of the volume compared to a traditional vat foot, due to the high concentration generated. Therefore, we interfere less in the aromatic profile of the base wine. We also achieve greater cell viability and vitality, which translates into the generation of expressive and clean vat feet.

Automation resulting in a reduced workload. Of course, we achieve traceability and reproducibility of the process.

Finally, thanks to the LEV2050 BR-CV bioreactors, we achieve fermentation safety.

LEV2050 Quality Commitment

At LEV2050, we have always prioritised quality in all our operations. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing innovative and reliable solutions. Our achievement of ISO 9001 certification is a clear reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all areas of our business.

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At LEV2050, we have been researching and developing specific products for our customers for over twelve years. Our product range has been carefully formulated to provide a balanced combination of essential elements, ensuring an exceptional result.

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