World Creativity and Innovation Day

21 April calendar

Hello everyone! Today, April 21st, is World Creativity and Innovation Day, so we’re celebrating!

Do you know why this holiday is celebrated on April 21st? This was the day on which Leonardo Da Vinci, a very creative and innovative figure, was born.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are two key aspects of human life. Although it may seem difficult, these two skills can be developed to become better at them. It works the same as with muscles; the more they are exercised, the stronger they become. However, it is estimated that only 5-10% of the world’s population are consideres to be innovators.

Persona pensando frente a documentos

Although these two concepts are often closely associated, there are differences between them. In these quotes, it is clearly explained:

“Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and concepts, or to make connections between ideas that did not previously exist”

Mitchell Rigie & Keith Harmeyer, Smartstorming

“Innovation is the successful (business) exploitation of new ideas”

Department For Business, Innovation & Skills UK

As this year has been different for everyone, we have been forced to innovate, probably in a creative way.

Innovation in LEV2050

At Lev2050, we support innovation.

Within the oenological sector, we offer innovative projects such as yeast and autochthonous lactic bacteria selection studies, as well as the implementation of patented bioreactors, yeast and bacteria multipliers, mannoprotein generators, and bioreactors for sparkling wines. This allows us to help our customers to produce their own microorganisms, and with them, to obtain unique products in a totally efficient way.

Thanks to our innovative and creative vision, the European Commission has awarded us with the “SME Instrument Phase II” award, an H2020 project under the name ECO-BIOMASS, which we defended in Brussels under a clear slogan: “Being unique is no longer expensive, now is the time“.

Laboratorio LEV2050

At LEV2050, we encourage our customers and employees to be creative and innovative every day of the year, but especially, today.

What are you going to do to celebrate this day?