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New bioactive compounds of microbiological origin with excellent properties for use in food will be developed. Yeast strains capable of generating the compounds of interest will be selected, so that the final application products achieve high stability, microbiological preservation and antioxidant capacity, while maintaining the use of a clean label, free of additive claims.

Project financed by the Government of Navarra (dossier 0011-1365-2022-000051).


In collaboration with CERTEST, LEVPROT Bioscience, BDI Biotech and INNOUP, the objective is to research new vaccines in which the active ingredient is an RNA biomolecule. The project is mainly focused on vaccines for human use against the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 with stabilised protein S, but it will also lay the foundations for the future development of vaccines for other infectious diseases and advanced therapies for the fight against cancer. The specific role of LEV2050 is to obtain expression pathways to synthesise enzymes from unconventional yeasts.

Project financed by the Government of Navarra (dossier IMP-20211002).

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In collaboration with TIMAC-AGRO, we approached the development of a new technology for the valorisation of pig farming waste through aerobic biotransformation, obtaining new fertilisers for high-value agricultural production with suitability for use in ecological sustainable agriculture.

Project financed by the Government of Navarra (dossier 0011-1365-2021-000223).


The objective is the research and development of oenological products of natural origin that improve the winemaking process in terms of production yield and final wine quality, optimising two of the key stages in wine production, namely malolactic fermentation (MLF) and clarification (C).

Project financed by the Government of Navarra (dossier 0011-1365-2021-000011).

01/08/2019 – 30/11/2021

The project will investigate new strategies for the biocontrol of botrytis in Navarra’s vineyards as a sustainable alternative to the application of chemically synthesized phytosanitary products currently in use. To this end, two different strategies will be pursued:

On the one hand, we will work with the 6 yeasts that have proven effective under laboratory conditions in the previous project, whose behaviour under real conditions of use in the vineyard is unknown

On the other hand, new yeasts will be extracted from the vineyards themselves (yeasts already adapted to the climatic conditions of the vineyard) and from other types of crops that traditionally are not affected by botrytis.

Proyect financed by the Government of Navarra

01/07/2019 – 30/11/2021

In this project LEV2050’s objective is to study and investigate microbiological bioprocesses both inside the human body (derived from intestinal microbiota) and outside, through food fermentation or in bioreactors to produce beneficial ingredients (probiotics and postbiotics) and foodstuffs with proven health effects.

01/01/2019 – 31/12/2020

LEV2050 is developing a new type of frozen raw mass with optimum preservation and handling properties after defrosting. For the development of this new mother mass, the microorganisms native to the traditional mother mass (which cannot currently be used in any conventional types) are used. As part of the project, these microorganisms will be studied and selected by evaluating their resistance to freezing and activation properties. In addition, it will be possible to select those that provide the best organoleptic properties to the mass.

At the same time, a new reactor-generator for the new mother mass will be developed, allowing the production of this new type under full control of the process parameters (in particular temperature and oxygen supply) so that its properties are maintained in optimum conditions until the end of its useful life. The reactor will also allow continuous adding of the mother mass to the finished raw mass, making the process suitable for industrial production.

01/01/2019 – 31/12/2020

In this project LEV2050’s main objective is to develop and test a new curing process for Navarre veal based on the combination of a starter derived from microbial isolates in the meat matrix and the dry-aging curing method, which has not been used to date for this type of meat due to its low fat content (2-3 on a European scale) and low economic yield.

01/03/2018 – 31/12/2019

In cooperation with the Instituto de Agriobiotecnología (UPNA-CSIC-Government of Navarre), LEV2050 and BLUE AGRO BIOSCIENCE  intend to develop a new product, Residue 0, for both soil and post-harvest use, the action of which is based on the antifungal mechanisms of certain yeasts. In this project, specific growth systems for a number of yeasts will be selected and developed, from which products to control diseases in crop production and after harvest will be designed and tested in vitro and in vivo.

01/03/2018 – 31/12/2019

LEV2050 intends to develop a product based on the biochemical action of certain yeast groups to biologically control the pH of must as a natural, reliable and cost-efficient alternative to existing solutions based on the addition of chemical substances or costly physical procedures.

01/01/2017 – 31/12/2019

LEV2050 has set out to develop three new products independently capable of solving the volatile acid problem caused by the presence of acetic bacteria and Brettanomyces yeasts, the high astringent effect of aggressive tannins and during fining.

01/09/2017 – 30/04/2019

The EMBUNATUR project, carried out jointly by LEV2050 and INCANASA, focuses on the development of new meat formulas for the production of raw-cured sausages with improved organoleptic properties and lower fat content as a result of fermentation processes, by developing and adding new starters and nutrients specially selected for this type of product.

01/05/2016 – 30/04/2018

LEV2050 and Harivasa intend to develop a new formula for the production of gluten-free bread with improved organoleptic properties. To this end, they are developing a protein ingredient from micro-organisms that simulates the mesh formed by gluten and confers to the bread the spongeiness and volume characteristic of gluten bread, due to the transformation processes that occur during baking.

01/05/2016 – 30/04/2018

Together with ALFA & OMEGA, LEV2050 aims to produce a new organic fertilizer by combining or synergising yeasts, elicitor extracts and active stimulants capable of boosting plant growth, improving crop productivity, controlling biotic stress due to Yesca-type diseases or verticilosis caused by pathogenic soil fungi such as Verticillium sp, and increasing the yield and quality of these crops.