In LEV2050, we have different types of products. Do you know about our products via reactor? Today we are going to talk about some of them: MULTI-LEV TIRAGE, TIRA-LEV and GO-ML. We will explain what each of these products are and what are they used for.



MULTI-LEV TIRAGE is a culture medium for yeast growth in the formation of pied de cuve.

This product provides protectants that fortify the cell membrane and contains adsorbents that remove toxicity from the medium during the formation and acclimatisation of the pied de cuve in BR-CV bioreactors.


TIRA-LEV is a medium for the tirage of sparkling wines, via reactor.

This product is a mixture of ingredients designed to detoxify the medium of toxins, due to its adsorbent properties, and to mantain a nitrogenous nutrition in the pied de cuve.


botes-GOML LEV2050

It is an activator and strengthener of lactic bacteria for their adaptation to the medium. It can be used for winery, bakery, dairy and meat products.

GO-ML is an innovative product. It is composed of a combination of lysates that promote the malolactic fermentation.

It can be used together with LACTILEV for the production of lactic bacteria. LACTILEV is a growth medium that enables the growth of lactic bacteria. Both products are via reactor products to use in winery, brewery, bakery, dairy and meat processing.

Other products

These products we have talked about are just a few of the wide range of products we offer in LEV2050.

In other blog posts you will find more information about other of our products via reactor (MULTILEV, MULTIBEER, LIALEV and LACTILEV), about our oenological fermentative products (INI-LEV PURE, INI-LEV, NUTRI-LEV and DETOXI-LEV), and many others.

If you would like to know more about our products or services, do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us.