Oenological products: INI-LEV PURE, INI-LEV, NUTRI-LEV and DETOXI-LEV

Hello everybody! Today we are going to talk about 4 of our oenological products: INI-LEV PURE, INI-LEV, NUTRI-LEV and DETOXI-LEV. These 4 products are used in fermentation processes. We will explain the characteristics of each one of them, as well as what they are used for.

Saco INI-LEV PURE de LEV2050
Saco INI-LEV (LEV2050) producto enológico para fermentación

Saco NUTRI-LEV (LEV2050) producto enológico para fermentación
Saco DETOXI-LEV (LEV2050) producto enológico para fermentación


INI-LEV-PURE is a 100% organic nutrient that comes from a mixture of special yeast extracts, very rich in amino acids, peptides and cofactors, macronutrients and micronutrients (Mg, P, K, etc.).

It enhances structure, aromatic profile and also provides prevention in the formation of reductions.

It increases the YAN 23mg/l (at a dose of 20 g/hl) and contains 14,6% of protein.


INI-LEV and NUTRI-LEV are mixed nutrients for fermentation derived from a mixture of yeast cell autolysates. Like INI-LEV-PURE, they contain a rich corganic ompositional mixture that enhances the aromatic profile and the structure. In addition, they contain inorganic nutrition, which supports better enzymatic transcription of yeast for the metabolism and optimal and new cell generation.

They avoid nutritional deficiencies and early reductions that can cause metabolic stress and lead to difficult finishes and / or fermentative standstills.

INI-LEV has an 85% organic nitrogen source. NUTRI-LEV is composed of 60% organic N.


DETTOXI-LEV is formulated from mixtures of polysaccharides and ammoniacal nitrogen. Its composition is designed to detoxify the medium of toxins due to its adsorbent properties.


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