Refining products: Pillow, Flo-1 and Astribal

This is a time when wineries are looking to improve and refine their finished wines. For this reason, we present 3 oenological refinement / improvement products: Pillow, FLO-1 and Astribal. Each of them, as we will see now, has a different purpose.



PILLOW is a patented product that serves as a pre-fermentative or post-fermentative reduction avoidance treatment that ensures zero residue.

This product consists on a mesh containing “tea” type bags. These bags contain adsorbent compounds that trap sulphur substances (polymers consisting of polysaccharides and compounds of mineral origin), which always remain inside the bag.

These PILLOW bags mode of use is as an infusion. This way, the sulphur substances in these wines with a reductive profile enter the PILLOW bag and adhere to the compounds inside, so that when we remove the bag after treatment, the reduction disappears and the expressiveness of the wine is reborn, leaving no residue in the wine.


FLO-1 is a flocculant liquid yeast for multiplication and subsequent cell lysis in ®LEV2050 bioreactors, in order to obtain a yeast lysate with compensated protein and polysaccharides for wine refining.

This yeast has a very high economic profitability as it is produced in a bioreactor and then lysed in it. Furthermore, this yeast lysate helps to reduce astringency and bitterness thanks to its qualitative protein properties. Finally, it helps to increase volume and sweetness, thanks to its polysaccharide and glycoprotein properties.

Flo-1 - LEV2050


Astribal - LEV2050

ASTRIBAL is a patented product composed of a lysate of Lactobacillus brevis lactic acid bacteria. It has a lower Z-potential (higher negative charge) which gives it a higher reactivity when interacting with phenolic compounds in red wines.

This product offers multiple advantages. Firstly, it improves the overall colloidal stability of the wine. In addition, it corrects aggressive tannins and/or the lack or lack of volume in the wine. Finally, it increases the aromatic complexity of the wine.


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