Products with ecological certification

At LEV2050 we have a wide range of products. Some of them are culture mediums, for the growth of both yeasts and lactic bacteria, and others are media for the lysis of these microorganisms. We also have products wineries can use during fermentation.

The products we are going to see today have a common characteristic. They are all certified organic products.


First of all, there is MULTILEV. MULTILEV-ECO is an organically certified culture medium for yeast growth in ®LEV2050 bioreactors.

Its composition provides all the nutrients necessary to promote optimal and pure yeast growth.


Regarding MULTILEV TIRAGE-ECO, it is an organically certified culture medium for yeast growth and posterior adaptation to ethanol for sparkling wine tirage.

It provides cell membrane fortifying protectants and contains adsorbents that remove toxicity from the medium during the formation and acclimatisation of the “pied de cube” in BR-CV® bioreactors.


Next, we can finf TIRA-LEV ECO. It is an ecological medium to nourish the production of sparkling wines.


LIA-LEV-ECO is a product to use via reactor. It is an ecological lysis medium for the battonage of lees in the reactor, or for the lysis of all types of microorganisms in the reactor.



Besides, we also have LACTILEV-ECO. It is an ecological culture medium that enables the growth of lactic bacteria in the LEV2050 bioreactor. It is an adjuvant composed of a mixture of organic ingredients.


Additionally, DETOXI-LEV-ECO is an ecological product based on Non-Saccharomyces yeast lysates with high polysaccharide capacity. This gives it a specific capacity to detoxify the medium of toxins due to its adsorbent properties. Its use is recommended both in the exponential phase and in the fermentation phase to reduce the toxicity generated by the yeasts.


Finally, INI-LEV-ECO is a 100% ecological product derived from a blend of yeast extracts, that wineries use as a fermentation nutrient.

Thanks to its rich amino acid composition, it offers aromatic precursors that enhance and intensify the sensory matrix profile. It also prevents the formation of reductive compounds.

It increases the NFA by 27 ppm at a dosage of 20 g/hl.



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