Products for use via Bioreactor

At LEV2050, we are a leading producer of specialised products for fermentation processes in different sectors. Our wide range of products includes reactor media, ideal for optimal and pure yeast growth, as well as certified organic products. In this article, we will focus on products specifically designed for reactor use.

MULTI-LEV: Culture medium for yeast growth in bioreactors

Discover how MULTI-LEV, our culture medium, provides all the essential nutrients needed to support optimal yeast growth in bioreactors. Get exceptional results and purify your cultures with our quality product.

LIA-LEV: Lysis medium for lees battonage in bioreactors

Optimise your lees battonage processes in the reactor with LIA-LEV. Our lysis medium guarantees efficient lees removal, improving the quality of your products. Find out how you can maximise your results with this specialised product.

MULTI-LEV TIRAGE: Culture medium for yeast growth in tank-footprint formation

At LEV2050, we understand the importance of vat bottom formation in bioreactors. With MULTI-LEV TIRAGE, you can ensure healthy yeast growth during this crucial process. Our product provides protectants to fortify the cell membrane and adsorbents to remove toxicity from the medium, ensuring optimal results.

TIRA-LEV: Medium for sparkling wine tirage

Discover how TIRA-LEV can improve your sparkling wine tirage processes. Our specialised culture medium provides ideal conditions for yeast growth and development, helping you to achieve exceptional results in sparkling wine production.

At LEV2050, we are committed to providing high quality products to optimise your bioreactor fermentation processes. Proof of this is our recent ISO9001 certification, which you can read more about by clicking here.


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