Pillow and Pillow Non Ethyl Products

In our company, LEV2050, we have different products for any stage of winemaking production. In this case, we are going to talk about 2 of our newest products: PILLOW and PILLOW NON-ETHYL.



LEV2050 has developed PILLOW, a unique and novel product, with patent application P202030522. This product consists of a bio-sustainable treatment system that wineries can use as a deodorising filter. This filter prevents reductions in a preventive or curative way, recovering the original expressiveness of the wine. PILLOW ensures that there is no residue of the compounds added for this purpose.



On the other hand, we have also developed a variant of the product, called PILLOW NON-ETHYL.

PILLOW NON-ETHYL is a unique, bio-sustainable solution that wineries can use as a deodorising filter. This product eliminates the dreaded ethylphenols as well as other unwanted aromas such as pyrazines, geranium leaf, etc. Wineries can use it both preventively and curatively, recovering the original expressiveness of the wine, leaving 0 residue.

The presentation of both products is in tea bags, as an infusion, to retain the odour-trapping adsorbent compounds inside. These bags are food grade. In addition, they are resistant to ethanol and the pH of wine and are made of a low density material, which gives them high buoyancy.

Wineries should place these teabags inside one or two nets (depending on the weight required for the process), which will be able to receive the units of bags needed for the treatments, both in the pre-fermentative process and in the post-fermentative process (in finished wine).


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