Oenological products: FLO-1, PILLOW and ASTRIBAL

At LEV2050 we have many types of products, and each one has a different objective. Today we are going to look at 3 oenological products (2 of which are patented): FLO-1, PILLOW and ASTRIBAL.


FLO-1 is a liquid flocculant yeast designed for its multiplication and posterior battonage in LEV2050 bioreactors in order to obtain a lysate with compensated protein and polysaccharide contributions for wine refinement.

It has a very high economic profitability as it is produced in bioreactors. Furthermore, it helps reducing the astringency ant the bitterness thanks to its qualitative protein properties. Finally, it helps to increase the volume and the sweetness, thanks to the polysaccharide and glycoproteic properties it has.



PILLOW is a patented product that is used as a treatment to avoid reductions, both in a pre-fermentative and post-fermentative way, which ensures to leave 0 residue.

This product is presented in a mesh that contains some “tea” type bags, in the form of an infusion, to retain the adsorbent compounds that trap sulphur substances that are inside (polymers made up of polysaccharides and compounds of mineral origin).


ASTRIBAL is a patented product composed of a lysate of the Lactobacillus Brevis lactic bacteria. It has a lower Z potential (higher negative charge) which gives it a higher reactivity when interacting with phenolic compounds in red wines.

This product offers multiple advantages. Firstly, it improves the global colloidal stability of the wine. In addition, it corrects aggressive tannins and / or the lack of volume in the wine. Finally, it increases the aromatic complexity of the wine.


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