Nomination for the SciencEkaitza Awards

LEV2050 is nominated for Best Company in the call for R&D projects, with the ECOLEVAPUR project.

Participate in the election of LEV2050 as the best company of the call and attend the awards ceremony presented by Silvia Leal, expert in technology and digital transformation, and with the collaboration of the molecular biologist and science communicator, Ricardo Moure.



This project consists of the development of new technology for the valorisation of pig farming waste through aerobic biotransformation with suitability for ecological agriculture, and has been carried out in collaboration with TIMAC AGRO ESPAÑA.

The high nitrogen load of livestock manure (slurry) represents a serious environmental problem. On the other hand, the fertiliser sector is currently advocating products with nitrogen sources that can be assimilated by the plant and integrated by the soil, with sufficient phosphorus supply and a minimum microbial load.

INBIOLEV and TIMAC AGRO are considering the development of a new technology for the valorisation of pig farming waste through aerobic biotransformation, obtaining new biofertilisers for high-value agricultural production with suitability for ecological and sustainable production. This technology will recover and concentrate the mineral nitrogen in the slurry, which will be assimilated by yeasts. The biomass generated will be used to formulate a new fertiliser, which will combine biostimulant effects on the plant and controlled N and C mineralisation.

The project will surpass the characteristics of its competitors both in terms of livestock waste valorisation (being the only efficient, simple, profitable and sustainable solution) and fertiliser typology (being the first to achieve an ecological biofertiliser rich in N, C and P and a source of microorganisms, which also uses livestock waste).

SciencEkaitza Awards 2023


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