May 7th: international craft brewers’ day

International Craft Brewers’ Day was celebrated last 7th May.

This celebration takes place on the first Saturday in May since 1988. It was the idea of the American Home Brewers Association. This gave rise to the Big Brew: live beer brews with home brewing equipment, tastings and talks.

Craft brewing began in the 1970s. It grew over the following years leading to an exponential growth in the consumption of these beverages.

There are several differences between craft beer and industrial beer. For example, the brewing process or the brewmaster’s formula. In addition, there are different varieties with differences in the body, taste and aroma of the beer, which are more expensive than an industrial beer.

Cerveza - LEV2050


At LEV2050, we have many types of products for the brewing sector, both for industrial and craft production.

Among the products we offer is the fermentation nutrient NPLUS-BEER, which comes from a mixture of yeast cell autolysates. It is 85% organic.

We also have DETOXIBEER, a foam stabiliser in beer. In addition, it is a detoxifier of the medium.

LACTILEV is a culture medium that enables the growth of lactic acid bacteria in bioreactors. GO-ML is an activator of lactic acid bacteria for their adaptation to the medium. The use of LACTILEV together with GO-ML serves for the production of lactic acid bacteria.

We also have “Gentle Yeast” yeasts. These yeasts are selected for the fermentation of different types of beers.

At LEV2050 we also have several studies for breweries (yeast study, personalised nutrition study, alcohol yield decrease study, …). We also offer the possibility of producing tailor-made biomass.

If you would like to know more about our products, our services or about LEV2050, do not hesitate to visit our website. There you will find all the information you are looking for, we hope you liked it!