LEV2050 Bioreactors: Savings, Control, and Vitality

Bioreactors are automated equipment that allows the multiplication of microorganisms under controlled conditions. At LEV2050, we have successfully developed two patented ranges of bioreactors: BR-LEV-LC and BR-CV. These equipment offer significant benefits in terms of savings, vitality, and control for yeast, bacteria, and sparkling wine production.

Advantages of LEV2050 Bioreactors:

Our bioreactors multiply cells by at least 10, resulting in significant savings in yeast and bacteria purchases. They ensure more vital yeast without metabolic stress, leading to a greater ability to reveal wine profiles and prevent reductions. These user-friendly devices save time during harvesting, provide better control and traceability, and ensure fermentation safety.

BR-LEV-LC Range:

The automation and control of the multiplication process with BR-LEV-LC bioreactors allow us to save 90% on yeast purchases. Additionally, we improve the aromatic and structural quality of wines, control the inoculum production process, and ensure overall process safety.

BR-CV Range:

Our patented BR-CV bioreactors enable progressive and controlled adaptation of yeast to ethanol. They automate and control the production of the cuvée for sparkling wine tirage. Moreover, these versatile devices allow for yeast and lactic bacteria multiplication and manoprotein production from lees through the bâtonnage program.

LEV2050 bioreactors will enable you to:

  • Save on yeast and bacteria.
  • Obtain more vital inoculants.
  • Ensure successful fermentation.
  • Have total real-time control over the multiplication process from your mobile device.

With our automated and cost-effective bioreactors, you can use your selected or commercial microorganisms. Their ease of use, high performance, efficiency, and versatility make them essential equipment for modern wineries.


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