June 5th: World Environment Day

Last Sunday, 5th June, it was World Environment Day. The celebration of this day looks forward to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the environment and caring for our ecosystems.

The United Nations General Assembly established this date in 1972.

Each year, the UNGA sets an environmental theme as the focus for this celebration. This year the theme was “Only One Earth“. This theme intends to focus on the emergency we are facing on Earth. Some of the problems that are taken into account are global warming, pollution, extinct species…

The planet’s biodiversity is an issue of great importance on this date. It is the basis of life on Earth. Each species is fundamental to the natural balance of the planet.

Viñedos - LEV2050


At LEV2050 we care about the environment. Our vision supports the care of the Earth and natural resources, as opposed to the use of chemical elements. This can be seen in our studies of each winery’s own yeast, or the study of vineyards (study of our own microorganisms for control, biofertilisation and biocompost). Our philosophy is to focus on the use of natural, healthier solutions, promoting the knowledge and use of the available microbiota, that is to say, of different microorganisms, to obtain unique products, avoiding the use of chemical products or products that are harmful to the planet.

In addition, we have created a range of products with 100% organic certification. Some of these products are DETOXI-LEV-ECO (toxin medium detoxifier), MULTILEV-ECO (culture medium for yeast growth in bioreactors ®LEV2050) or MULTILEV TIRAGE-ECO (culture medium for yeast growth in vat bottom formation).

We also have LACTILEV-ECO (culture medium that enables the growth of lactic bacteria in bioreactor LEV2050), and LIA-LEV-ECO (lysis medium for the battonage of lees in the reactor).

If you would like to know more about our products, services or LEV2050, do not hesitate to visit our website. There you will find all the information you are looking for. We hope you liked it!