International Earth Day (April 22)

Mano sujetando planeta Tierra

Today, April 22nd, is “International Earth Day“. On the occasion of this celebration, we bring you some curiosities.

This date has been celebrated since 1970, when the environmental activist Gaylord Nelson encouraged the creation of an environmental agency.

Every year, various events are held to commemorate this celebration. On its 20th anniversary, some special actions were carried out:

  • An expeditino to Mount Everest was organised to collect rubbish. They collected more than 2 tonnes.
  • An 800km human chain was organised along the Loira River. This was done to honour one of the last clean rivers in Europe.

How can we celebrate this day? Today would be a good day to start taking better care of the Earth. We could start recycling, reusing some products, picking up rubbish in nearby mountains or beaches, … There are many things that we can do to help the Earth, and therefore, help ourselves. The important thing is to start some activity today, and create a positive habit.

LEV2050 and the environment

At LEV2050, we care about the environment. For this reason, we have created a range of products with 100% ecological certification. Some of these products are:


DETOXI-LEV-ECO is a certified ecological product composed of Non-Saccharomyces yeast lysates with a high polysaccharide capacity. This provides it with a specific capacity to detoxify the medium of toxins due to its adsorbent properties. Its use is recommended both in the exponential phase and in the fermentation phase, to reduce the toxicity generated by the yeasts.


MULTILEV-ECO is an ecologically certified culture medium for yeast growth in ®LEV2050 bioreactors. Its composition provides all the nutrients necessary to promote optimal and pure yeast growth.


MULTILEV TIRAGE-ECO is an ecologically certifiesd culture medium for the for secondary starter production of yeasts.

It provides cell membrane fortifying protectants and contains adsorbents that remove toxicity from the medium during the formation and acclimatisation of the secondary production in BR-CV bioreactors.

Bote detoxi-lev-eco
Saco multilev-eco
Saco multilev-tirage-eco


LACTILEV-ECO is an ecologically certified culture medium that enables the growth of lactic bacteria in the LEV2050 bioreactor. It is an adjuvant composed of a mixture of organic ingredients.


LIA-LEV-ECO is a product via reactor. It is an ecologically certified lysis medium for the battonage of lees in the reactor.