In wine fermentation, in addition to the yeasts, the nutrition is very important so that these yeasts can carry out their function and the fermentation process is completed with guarantees, providing the necessary YAN and enhancing interesting organoleptic profiles.

At LEV2050 we have a wide range of products specialised in the nutrition of the fermentative processes of wines. Furthermore, we have a range of these products created from organic ingredients. In today’s post we are going to talk about the following: INI-LEV, INI-LEV ECO, and INI-LEV PURE.


Saco INI-LEV (LEV2050)

INI-LEV comes from a mixture of yeast cell autolysates. It contains a rich and defined compositional mixture of aminoacids, peptides and cofactors, macronutrients and micronutrients (mg, P, K etc.) as well as inorganic nutrition that support a better enzymatic transition of the yeast for the metabolism and optimal new cell generation.

Regarding its composition, INI LEV has an 85% organic nitrogen source. Thanks to its rich amino acid composition, it enhances the aromatic profile. It also provides prevention in the formation of reductions.

We can use this product either in the vatting, exponential or tumultuous phase.


INI-LEV ECO is a 100% organic product derived from a mixture of yeast extracts.

Thanks to its rich amino acid composition, it offers aromatic precursors that enhance and intensify the sensory matrix profile. It also prevents the formation of reductive compounds.

It increases the YAN by 27 ppm at a dosage of 20g/Hl.


Saco INI-LEV PURE de LEV2050

INI-LEV PURE is a 100% organic nutrient that comes from a mixture of special yeast extracts.

It contains a rich compositional mixture, which allows to enhance the structure, the aromatic profile and also provides a prevention in the formation of reductions.

It provides 23 mg/litre of YAN (at a dose of 20 g/hl), and contains 14.6 % protein.


Later, in the next post, we will talk about NUTRI-LEV and DETOXI-LEV.

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