Generation of mannoprotein fractions

LEV2050 is a leading company in the field of industrial microbiology. It has several models of automated patented reactors that multiply yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. They also produce lees, perform lysing and obtain mannoprotein fractions.

In these bioreactors, to generate mannoprotein fractions, yeast lysates are produced from one yeast, FLO-1. This is highly flocculent and very rich in polysaccharides and protein. Once grown and subsequently lysed inside the bioreactor, it can be used to refine certain finished wines by enhancing structure, volume, sweetness, etc.

With 1 litre of FLO-1 yeast, after the multiplication process and subsequent lysis in the BR, the client will be able to refine between 100,000 L-1,000,000 L (depending on the dosage that fits the wine).

FLO-1 is a liquid flocculant yeast designed for multiplication and subsequent battonage in LEV2050 bioreactors (BR-LEV-LC or BR-CV) in order to obtain a lysate with compensated protein and polysaccharide contributions for wine refining.

Flo-1 - LEV2050

Thanks to its use, a very high economic profitability is achieved, as it is produced in a bioreactor. In addition, astringency and bitterness are reduced thanks to its qualitative protein properties. Finally, there is an increase in volume and sweetness, thanks to the polysaccharide and glycoprotic properties.


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