Fermentative products: NPLUS-BEER and DETOXIBEER

At LEV2050, we have many types of products. Today we are going to talk about two fermentative products, created especially for the brewing industry: NPLUS-BEER and DETOXIBEER.



NPLUS-BEER comes from a mixture of yeast cell autolysates. It is 85% organic.

It contains a rich and defined compositional mixture of amino acids, peptides and cofactors, macronutrients and micronutrients (mg, P, K, etc…) as well as inorganic nutrition, which supports a better enzymatic transcription of the yeasts for the metabolism and the optimal and new cell generation.

NPLUS-BEER is the ideal candidate not only for achieving new generation of well-formed cells, but also, thanks to its rich amino acid composition, enhances the aromatic profile. It also provides a prevention in the formation of reductions.

The client should apply the product 10 minutes before the end of boiling. This will increase the YAN (Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen), and decrease the lag phase of fermentation.


Detoxibeer - LEV2050

DETOXIBEER is a foam stabiliser in beer. In addition, it is a medium detoxifier.

It is formulated on the basis of its own mixture of yeast autolysates and polysaccharides. It also contains ammoniacal nitrogen.

DETOXIBEER has a composition designed to remove toxins from the medium due to its adsorbent properties (adsorption of short-chain fatty acids), which gives it a great capacity to stabilise the protein meshes in beer for foam stabilization.

This product should be added together with the yeast inoculum, at the end of exhausted or complicated fermentations and for high gravity beers. At this point, the toxicity derived from yeast metabolism is very high. DETOXIBEER stabilises the foam and detoxifies the medium by reducing the presence of short-chain fatty acids.


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