Article in “Revue des Œnologues”

LEV2050 is the protagonist of an article in the july edition of the Revue des Œnologues magazine. This article discusses the rise of the Non-saccharomyces yeasts.

LEV2050 committed more than 10 years ago to discover the immense biodiversity of vineyards. When we started the autochthonous yeast selection studies, we found genera present in grapes that were not used previously. Although these yeasts were considered negative and they were even tried to be eliminated, nowadays they are “trendy”.

One of the first objectives of LEV2050 was to see which yeasts were present in the grapes. Then, we identify and characterise them (in fermentative and organoleptic terms).

Placa LEV2050

It was discovered that certain Non-saccharomyces yeasts are able to consume glucose in the respiratory phase to generate more biomass, which can be used for significant alcoholic strength reductions. Their impact is also enormous in lysate format, as nutritional agents in fermentation. They provide, at the same time, very significant differences at the organoleptic level.

We have developed studies to provide them to the plant to act as biocontrol, biofertilisers or bio-stimulants agents in the vineyard. In other words, each winery’s own yeasts can be used from the vineyard to the winemaking process, closing a circle of autochthony and bio-sustainability.

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