Yeast study for secondary fermentation

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In this case we are going to talk about the study of yeasts for secondary fermentation:

Study of yeasts for secondary fermentation

The study of yeast selection for secondary fermentation aims to explore the existing biodiversity. It seeks to select a secondary fermentation yeast that comes from a singular terroir, and that offers the client fermentation security and a differential and unique organoleptic profile. In other words, it seeks to produce sparkling wines with their own personality.

LEV2050 is a specialist in yeast selection and characterisation. The aim is to find those strains with the best properties that wineries can use as starters in secondary fermentation.

Vinos espumosos - LEV2050

The first step in the study is to carry out yeast isolations. After that, it is the turn of identification, through metagenomic studies. We develop a phylogenetic tree where we study the genetic distances between strains. The objective is to determine the yeasts that are most different from each other, to see how they behave in secondary fermentation. Then comes the selection: LEV2050 selects several yeasts to launch the 2nd fermentation with each of them, so that we obtain different results depending on each strain.  Once prepared, we evaluate the sparkling wines obtained by tasting to determine their organoleptic profiles and the fermentation capacity of each strain.

The aim is to characterise the different strains selected and choose the one/s that achieve the best results. Subsequently, biomass will be generated from the selected strains and tested at industrial level.


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