Yeast, bacteria & personalised nutrition studies

Our company LEV2050 is a company specialised in industrial microbiology. We started our activity with yeast and lactic bacteria selection studies in the wine sector. Since the beginning, we have been committed to originality, personalisation and the concept of terroir and biodiversity. We bet on the industrial use of the winery’s own fermentation starters. By doing this, we avoid the standardisation of the use of general yeasts and lactic acid bacteria offered on the market.

Here you can see David, CEO of LEV2050, explaining the yeast, bacteria and personalised nutrition studies.


At LEV2050 we believe that the grape is the most important thing. It is a true reflection of the land where it grows.

An enormous amount of microorganisms live on the soil, we find a great biodiversity. Therefore, from LEV2050, we want to look for what is in that or those soils that “have soul”. That is, soils that are significant for wineries.

We receive the grapes from those special plots in the wineries and we proceed to the spontaneous fermentation. There, we see what yeasts we find, and we carry out isolations every day of the spontaneous fermentation.

We have already talked about the rhizophagy effect, whereby plants absorb and internalise micro-organisms from the soil. What we have observed is that we find the most interesting yeasts, both qualitatively and quantitatively, inside the berry, not in the prune as previously thought. In the studies we have carried out over the years, we have obtained results in which the quantities of yeasts present are hundreds to thousands of times higher in the berry compared to those found in the pruine.

After the isolations, we present the results obtained in phylogenetic trees. These show a great differentiation of strains at the metagenomic level. After that, we carry out microvinifications with different fermentation starters. We obtain different results, giving rise to different profiles depending on the strains we are using. It is at this point that the winery chooses the starter or starters that best suit its objectives. It also depends on the organoleptic results, as well as on the analyses carried out during fermentation.

Similarly, we carry out studies of lactic acid bacteria, and those of personalised nutrition, based on the phylogenetic trees of each winery. We will go into these in more detail later on.


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