Wines for Christmas holiday meals

There are only a few days left for the Christmas holidays, to sit at the table with our family and friends. That’s why it’s time to celebrate with good wine.

During this season, the food is the main protagonist, but it is clear that a good wine to accompany it would be the perfect accompaniment. That is why it is important that we take the time to make this choice.

Mesa de Navidad - LEV2050

First of all, we have appetizers and starters, there are several types of wines to choose from. Cavas and rosés are always light and easy to drink. White wine would also be a good choice.

A very typical Christmas meal is seafood. Whatever type of seafood it is, there are certain wines that can’t go wrong with it. The safest choice is a dry white wine with good acidity, which will delight everyone at the table!

Navidad - LEV2050

After the starters, it’s time for the main courses: fish, meat, or both. However, each choice would mean different wine.

Let’s see which wines we could choose if our choice was fish. The pairing of white wine and fish is known worldwide. Sometimes they manage to find a balance between the elements, while others, they provide a great contrast, enhancing the flavours. In fact, the chardonnay variety is usually a good choice for the heartiest fish dishes.

Regarding meat dishes, the decision would be very different. For these, we should switch to red wine, preferably a strong one.

It’s already time for dessert! There will undoubtedly be no shortage of delicious “turrones” on the table, which will pair perfectly with muscatels and traditional sweet wines.

Finally, we must not forget the champagne or cava. We should have them ready for toasts, and to accompany us during after-dinner drinks.


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