What is the grape harvest process like?


We are already in September, the month in which many wineries start their harvest. Let’s take a look at some things to bear in mind when carrying out this process.

In Latin the word “vendimia” comes from “vindemia“. This is a mix between “vihum” which means wine and “demere” which means to cut. It refers to removing the cluster from the vine.

In order to obtain a good quality wine, every detail must be taken care of. Therefore, although there is a defined time for harvesting, the final date depends on several factors: the location, the maturation of the grape, the type of grape, …

Other reminders

There are also some things to remember when harvesting:

– Avoid picking the grapes when they are wet, as this can have a negative influence on their quality

– Harvesting should also be avoided during the hottest hours of the day, so that the workers are in better conditions and fermentation does not start

– When harvesting the grapes, they should be placed in containers that are not too deep, as the integrity of the grapes should be ensured. Otherwise, the grapes could be crushed


Once all the grapes have been harvested, the winemaking process can begin. For this process, fermentation is carried out with yeasts that can be both commercial or autochthonous (from the grapes themselves). These yeasts can be isolated and chosen previously in our yeast selection studies, depending on their fermentation capacity and the profiles they contribute to the wine. We will talk about the importance of choosing our own yeasts in order to reveal unique profiles in future posts.

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