Visits to wineries and companies in Italy

Our company, LEV2050, has an important presence in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Argentina and Chile, among others. In all of them, LEV2050’s innovative proposal, under the name of ECOBIOMASS, has made an impact. This consists on carrying out studies for the selection of microorganisms for the different processes of the wineries. Thanks to this process, they can produce wines with their own identity. All this in an efficient way thanks to the installation of patented bioreactors in the wineries. This allows them to save important costs in their production process.

We are growing towards new sectors in these countries, such as brewing, meat, dairy and bakery. In these agri-food industries, the same line of efficiency in the process and originality in the products is being followed.

This is the case of Italy.


A couple of weeks ago, David García Yoldi (CEO of LEV2050) and Antonio Casadamón (commercial director of LEV2050) went to Italy to meet with different Italian wineries and companies. There they joined Marco Olmastroni, LEV2050 representative in Italy. Together with him, they started a route, visiting several of the wineries with which we have started to work.

Barricas - LEV2050

In the last two years, thanks also to the boost obtained with the H2020 project granted by the European Commission, dozens of bioreactors have been installed in this country, studies have been carried out on the selection of indigenous yeasts, as well as the obtaining of nutrients for both fermentation and vineyards, or studies on nutrition and foam stability for sparkling wines. The aforementioned ECOBIOMASS philosophy is increasingly present in Italy.

In addition to meeting with the different customers, we also had the opportunity to reach an agreement with a company working at national level interested in supporting LEV2050 in the distribution of Bioreactors, products and services in Italy.

More details will follow soon.


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