Video: “Reactors and yeast multiplication”

At LEV2050 we have developed a range of bioreactors to multiply yeasts and other types of microorganisms.

In this video, David García Yoldi, CEO of LEV2050, explains the functionality of the reactors. He also explains the importance they have in the wineries that use them. We are currently in wineries and other companies in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Argentina and Chile.

What is the video about?

As David explains in the video, the patented BR-LEV-LC bioreactors are an easy-to-use tool. They help to save time and gain practicality in the wineries. The economic savings are also very important, as due to their high performance, wineries reduce costs in a significant way.

Thanks to the multiplication of microorganisms that takes place in the bioreactor, wineries achieve a high vitality and viability of the cells. That is to say, new generations of microorganisms are born with a high vitality that manage to incorporate the grape’s precious organic matter inside them and, in turn, to express the wines with greater limpidity.

The process in the bioreactor is also traceable and reproducible.

The reactor has indicators that show that the multiplication has been effective, with a simple measurement that the client enters into the APP developed by LEV2050. In this way we can measure the concentration of yeast once the multiplication is finished. We can use exactly the same dose every year because it is something that is born again and we can measure it.

For the reactor we rely on a simple process: aseptic culture medium. That is, pure culture medium, in order to guarantee the pure growth of each micro-organism.


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