Unique Microbiota: Integral Terroir

At LEV2050 we are committed to originality, personalisation and the concept of terroir and biodiversity through the use of the winery’s own microorganisms as starters or fermentation initiators. In this way, we manage to avoid the standardisation of the use of yeasts or generalist bacteria offered on the market.


In the video, David García (CEO of LEV2050) explains the “immense life in the vineyards”. That is, the great biodiversity that we can find in them. This translates into a unique personality of the grapes, with a unique compositional matrix. This is due to the peculiarity and authenticity of the terrain, its altitude, climate, …

As we have seen, yeasts live in the soil and can be accessed and internalised through the roots and end up in the grapes. This effect is called rhizophagy. We can say that the grape is a mirror image of the soil. LEV2050 starts from this point, the grapes, for the selection of yeasts, bacteria and personalised nutrition.

The use by wineries of similar yeasts to ferment completely different grapes leads to a tendency towards homogenisation of the wine. In other words, an enormous potential is lost in the fact that these grapes, totally authentic and compositionally unique for everything that surrounds them, are fermented with commercial yeasts that are available and used by all wineries.

Regarding this, LEV2050 is committed to originality, identity and making the wineries as authentic as possible.

To do this, we isolate yeasts, bacteria or even carry out personalised nutrition studies, so that all the organic part of the wine comes from the vineyards themselves. We also carry out studies on biofertilisation, biocontrol or biocompost through the use of the winery’s own microorganisms.

Our ultimate philosophy is the exaltation of personality. This is, that companies use and reproduce their own microorganisms, in order to obtain an original and unique final product. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process. From the isolation, characterisation and selection of yeasts and bacteria, to their customised production in our industrial biomass production plant.


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