The symbolism of wine in history

Food and drink, both now and years ago, help to define the different civilisations that consume them. They create a common sense of belonging to a society. This is the case of Mediterranean culture, where wine has been of great importance.

Wine is not only known for its qualities or attributes, but also for its mystical side and its relationship with the evolution of each society. Throughout history, there are many legends about wine. However, it is difficult to differentiate between myth and reality, as over time, they have been mixed and confused.

A walk through history shows us its symbolism. 


In 3,000 BC, in Egypt, wine was known as “erpi”. Black grapes were known as the “eyes of Horus”, one of their gods. Wine was one of the items that egyptians placed in royal tombs to accompany them on their journey to the afterlife.

Even back then, they indicated with labels on the wine vessels the area and vineyards to which the wine belonged. This could be considered the beginning of the Denomination of Origin.

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In Greece, wine is associated with the god Dionysus, one of the most ancient gods. Wine and vineyards were considered the source of inspiration and precious gifts of Dionysus. Wine represented the fierceness, prodigy and mystery of this god.

In Rome, Bacchus replaced Dionysus. This god was very popular.

As we have seen, wine is present in different classical cultures.

Wine as a sacred drink is present in Christianity (wine, its cultivation, production and consumption are mentioned more than 150 times in the Bible), Judaism and Islam.

However, there are also opposing views on its consumption. For example, in China and Japan, Buddhism banned wine on the grounds that its use was disturbing to peace. In Taoism it is claimed that the gods detest the smell of wine and meat.

What is clear is that wine has accompanied mankind since its beginnings. It has had a great importance in different sociological, cultural and religious facets.

Today, it continues to be of great importance, both in terms of consumption and production worldwide. There are a huge number of wine producers, so differentiation is key to growth in this sector.


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