Tasting at the Vallformosa Winery

Today we bring you a new tasting that we carried out together with the Vallformosa winery. This time we tasted the samples of the study of foam stability and nutrition in sparkling wines. This is a new study created by LEV2050.

What is the study about?

In the study of foam stability and nutrition in sparkling wines, different yeast lysates and tannic extracts that act as nutritional, structural and organoleptic agents are analysed and tested.

In addition, the winery’s own lysates and tannins are analysed at different doses. These have a significant effect on foam formation and stability. In addition, they can be individual or mixed.

The aim of this study is to achieve a reproducible profile and foam persistence in secondary fermentation. This is done by using autochtonous lysates and tannins.

The participants of the tasting were: David García (CEO of LEV2050), Rafael Salgado (oenologist of LEV2050), Xavier Pons (technical director of the Vallformosa winery), Rosa, Raimon and Ramon Valls (representative of LEV2050 in Catalonia).

This tasting was the second of this study, after 1 year of ageing. With the use of these lysates, it was possible to stabilise the foam. At the same time, it was possible to enhance the organoleptic profile. Among the different samples, the use of lactic acid bacteria lysate stood out, something completely new in the world of winemaking.

Here are some photos of the tasting:

About LEV2050

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