Sulphite-free wine and alcoholic strength yields studies

LEV2050 is a company dedicated to industrial microbiology. We started our activity with yeast and lactic acid bacteria selection studies in the wine sector.

Now, we offer a wide variety of studies, both for wineries and for other food sectors such as meat, dairy, brewing and bakery, among others. Thanks to this, we have been able to provide added value in innovation, customisation and microbiological process control.

A few days ago we explained 2 of our studies: The study of foam stability and nutrition of sparkling wines, and the experimental cellar study.

Today we are going to focus on 2 different studies. One of them is exclusively for wineries, the study of wine without sulphur, while the other one can be carried out for wineries or breweries, the study of increase and decrease of alcoholic strength.

LEV2050 laboratorio

Sulphur-free wine study

From LEV2050 we have managed to incorporate the Sulphur Free Wine Study to our portfolio of services. This study was a clear objective due to the sensitivity of the market towards the use of this compound.

For this purpose, different indigenous lysates are used as antioxidants, at different doses, with oxygen-trapping capacity.

Alcohol yield increase and decrease study

In these two studies, yeasts and fermentation processes that increase the alcohol yield are analysed. Other reverse processes are also carried out that generate alcoholic strength reductions. These processes are biological, through the use and knowledge of different yeasts.


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