Study of yeasts (1st fermentation)


As we mentioned on previous occasions, LEV2050 was born with the clear concept of Terroir Integral. That is, to try to make the most of each vineyard’s own resources. In order to do this, we interced as little as possible with exogenous microorganisms.

In this line of sustainability and authenticity, LEV2050 offers a service such as the study of isolation, identification, characterisation and subsequent selection of native yeasts from each winery.

LEV2050 is a specialist in carrying out these studies,in which different Saccharomyces and Non-Saccharomyces yeasts appear. The aim is to find those indigenous strains with the best properties to be used as fermentation starters.

Regarding this study, it seeks to understand the biodiversity of the indigenous microbiota present in vineyards. This, through rhizophagy, can be internalised through the roots and ends up inside the berry.

What does the study consist of?

First of all, we isolate the yeasts found inside the grapes of each winery . Depending on the type of study carried out, we make 100 (complete study) or 70 isolations (limited study). We identify the different types of yeasts and strains that exist in the vine. By doing this, we get to know which ones are present and how different they are from each other in phylogenetic terms.

After that, we characterise the most distant strains (in phylogeny) in micro-vinifications or micro-fermentations. In other words, those that are potentially going to show the most diverse results in fermentation. We characterise between 25 strains (complete study) or 15 (limited study) in these micro-vinifications, with the same wine matrix.

Subsequently, we test the different micro-fermentations, in search of the yeast strain/s that show the best virtues both in terms of fermentation and organoleptic properties. In other words, the aim is to make unique wines, with their own profiles, taking into account the analytical data resulting from each fermentation.

Microvinificaciones - LEV2050


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