Studies: lactic bacteria & personalised nutrition

At LEV2050 we carry out different types of personalised studies. Today we are going to talk about two of them: the lactic bacteria study, and the personalised nutrition study.

Lactic Bacteria Study

Estudio de bacterias lácticas

First, lets talk about the Lactic Bacteria Study.

The aim of this study is the isolation, identification, selection and characterisation of those strains of autochthonous lactic bacteria present in very specific soils, which express the best properties to be used as cultures starters.

LEV2050 believes in selecting the best lactic bacteria from the soil, whether they are Oenococcus or not, as there are many other genres of lactic bacteria involved in the malolactic fermentation.

Once they have been selected by micro-vinifications, customised biomass will be generated from the selected strains, and they will be tested in the winery.

Personalised Nutrition Study

Estudio nutrición personalizada

Now, let’s look at what the personalised nutrition study is all about.

The personalised nutrition study is designed for both wineries and breweries.

This study consists of being able to select different genres, species and strains of yeasts that are most phylogenetically different. Once they have been selected, complete lysates and / or mixtures of them will be made, acting as nutritional, organoleptic and structural agents.

That is, the objective, as its name indicates, is to obtain personalised nutrients for each winery.

These lysates will be tested in micro-vinifications as nutrient agents to test their potential. LEV2050 will generate and deliver personalised nutrients for each winery or brewery.

Other studies

In addition to these two studies we have explained, LEV2050 carries out many more, such as the experimental winery study or the sulphur-free wine study, among others. You can find more information about them in our website. You will also be able to find information about all our products.

Did you know about our studies?