Strategic R&D projects (Government of Navarra)

Our company, LEV2050, has been chosen again by the Government of Navarra. In this case, it was the occasion of the Smart Specialization Strategies S3. This aims to promote the implementation of strategic R&D projects of high impact of Navarra.

In the case of LEV2050, 2 of our projects have been highlighted: BIOFOOD and BIOVID.

Both projects belong to the seventh challenge: Innovative Biotechnology Solutions for Energy, Health Challenges, Industry and Agri-food (SIBERIA).

We are going to talk a little about each one of them:


Firstly, we have BIOFOOD. The aim of this project is the study and research of microbial bioprocesses.  Not only inside the human body (those originating from the intestinal microbiota), but also outside, in food fermentation or in bioreactors, in order to generate ingredients (probiotics and postbiotics) and health-promoting foods with a proven healthy effect. Regarding the intestinal microbiota, it is taken as a basis, in order to strengthen it.

In addition to LEV2050, there have been a number of partners that have enabled to carry out this project: Brotalia, GraunKook, Nucaps, the University of Navarra (UNAV), CNTA and Biosasun.

Lactobacilius - LEV2050


The BIOVID project focuses on new sustainable biocontrol strategies in the vineyards of Navarre against the botrytis fungus. This is a necrotrophic fungus that kills its host in order to obtain all the nutrients it needs. In this case, its host is the grape.

In this project, our partners are: Blue Agro Bioscience, the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), the Príncipe de Viana wineries, the Otazu winery, the Inurrieta winery, and L’urederra.

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