Shipment of bioreactors to Italy

Puesta en marcha biorreactor - LEV2050

Hello everybody!

This week we have been in Italy. Our CEO, David García Yoldi, together with our representative in Italy, Marco Olmastroni, went to different wineries to deliver several patented ®LEV2050 bioreactors. On their visit to the wineries, they also carried out the installation and start-up of the equipment. During the start-up, the use of the bioreactor is explained and its correct operation is seen. Any doubts that may arise in the winery are resolved too.

This time, it has been the turn of Italy, more specifically of some wineries in the areas of Florence, Forli and Marche.

What are the bioreactors like?

We have 2 types of bioreactors: BR-LEV-LC and BR-CV. The bioreactors come in different sizes, depending on the production of each customer.

The BR-LEV-LC is an automated bioreactor model that allows the multiplication of all types of yeasts, bacteria and fungi. It also carries out lees battonages lysates and obtains mannoproteic fractions. All this is applicable to fermentation processes, as well as in the field, by means of biofertilisation and biocontrol.

As for the BR-CV model, it also multiplies yeast, bacteria, battonage lees and lyses microorganisms. In addition, it has an additional exclusive function: yeast growth and subsequent controlled adaptation to ethanol. This bioreactor makes automated vat feet for sparkling tirage, achieving very expressive sparkling wines. Those wines have organoleptic profiles very faithful to those of the base wine.

The advantages of our patented ®LEV2050 Bioreactors are clear. They entail economic savings, due to their high yields. There are also savings in inoculum preparation time, due to their easy handling. We also increase the quality of the final product due to a higher vitality of the microorganisms that clients grow in the bioreactor. There is a greater control and traceability of the growths and subsequent dosing to the fermentation tanks, thanks to a cell counting APP.

Biorreactor LEV2050

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