Second fermentation wine studies

On different occasions we have talked about some of the personalised studies we offer at LEV2050. Today we are going to talk about some second fermentation wine studies. Today we present you 2 types of these studies:

  • The second fermentation yeast study
  • The study of foam stability and sparkling wine nutrition
LEV2050 laboratorio

Second fermentation yeast study

Estudio de levaduras - LEV2050

The aim of the second fermentation yeast selection study is to explore the existing biodiversity and look for different strains that provide completely different sensations in the final wine. In other words, to produce sparkling wines with their own personality.

LEV2050 specialises in the selection and characterisation of yeasts, with the objective of finding those strains with the best properties to be used as second fermentation starters.

Once we have carried out the isolation, identification, selection and characterisation of these yeasts in microvinifications, we will generate biomass from the selected strains and they will be tested at industrial level.

Study of foam stability and sparkling wine nutrition

In this study we analyse and test different yeast lysates and tannic extracts of their own that act as nutritional, structural and organoleptic agents.

Bodega - LEV2050

In addition, we will analyse at different doses those lysates and tannins of their own, individuals or mixed, that have a significant effect on foam formation and stability.

The objective is to obtain in second fermentation a reproducible profile and persistence of foam by using autochthonous lysates and tannins.

Other studies

At LEV2050 we offer a wide variety of studies, not only for wineries but also for other sectors such as meat, dairy, brewery or bakery. If you would like to know more about them, don´t hesitate to visit our website. There you will be able to find more information about these studies, and many more.