Via reactor products: MULTIBEER, LACTILEV and GO-ML

Hello everybody! At LEV2050 we have a wide range of products for the brewing industry. Some of them are products that breweries can use via reactor. In today’s post we will talk about three of these culture mediums: MULTIBEER, LACTILEV and GO-ML.


MULTIBEER is a culture medium for the growth in bioreactors of all types of yeasts that will later be used in beer fermentation.

Besides, the use of this medium via reactor allows to obtain a high growth and purity of the yeast that breweries choose.

MULTIBEER achieves this thanks to its composition rich in essential nutrients for the growth of the microorganism.


LACTILEV is a culture medium that enables the growth of lactic acid bacteria in bioreactors to be used in the production of certain beers.

Furthermore, this culture medium allows to obtain purity of the lactic bacteria that the brewery chooses. In addition, it also obtains high yields in biomass production of the micro-organism that the brewery chooses.


Regarding GO-ML, it is an activator of lactic acid bacteria for their adaptation to the environment.

In addition, the use of LACTILEV together with GO-ML can be used for the production of lactic bacteria and to subsequently adapt these bacteria to the medium, and to promote a good malolactic fermentation.

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