PILLOW NON-ETHYL: Unique biosustainable solution

LEV2050 is a leading company in the field of innovation in industrial microbiology.

We have several products for different sectors. In this case we are going to talk about PILLOW NON-ETYHYL, a new product for the wine sector. It is a unique and biosustainable solution used as a deodorising filter that eliminates the dreaded ethylphenols.


It is a unique, bio-sustainable solution used as a deodorising filter that removes the dreaded ethylphenols. It also eliminates other unwanted aromas such as pyrazines, geranium leaves, etc. PILLOW NON-ETHYL can be used both preventively and curatively, recovering the original expressiveness of the wine, leaving 0 residue.

The product is presented in “tea”-like bags, as an infusion, to retain the adsorbent compounds that trap odorous substances inside. These bags are food grade, resistant to the ethanol and pH of wine and made of a low density material that gives them high buoyancy.

These “tea”-like bags are placed inside one or two nets, depending on the weight required, which will be able to receive the number of bags needed for the treatments, in pre-fermentative or post-fermentative process (finished wine).

This product comes in boxes, each containing 6 bags and 2 nets. Each of these bags can treat 5,000L.

Here is a video of David García Yoldi, CEO of LEV2050, explaining our new product and how it works:


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