Multiplication of lactic bacteria

LEV2050 is a company of recognised prestige in industrial microbiology. Our maximum philosophy is the exaltation of personality and being autochthonous. We also want the land and the grape to be the main protagonists. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from the isolation, characterisation and selection of lactic acid bacteria, to their customised production through multiplication.

Our customers can also carry out this bacterial multiplication process. This is by installing our patented bioreactors ®LEV2050. In these, the bacteria not only grows, but it also automatically adapts to the alcohol during multiplication. This makes the process very simple. The resulting bacteria are placed directly into the tanks without the need for intermediate adaptation steps. As the process is automated and traceable, there is a high degree of control and reproducibility in the seeding.

Microscopio - LEV2050

It is an easy-to-follow process with many advantages. In addition to the time savings mentioned above, it also means significant economic savings, as very high yields are achieved in the process. For example, for a BR-LEV-LC10 bioreactor we would add 390 grams of bacteria and after the process we could inoculate the resulting bacteria in a quantity of 260,000 L of red wine.

It also improves the vitality and viability of the inocula, resulting in a better organoleptic profile.


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