In today’s post we are going to talk about sourdough generators.

What is sourdough?

Sourdough is a fermentation product made of flour and water, and that can be inoculated with yeast or bacteria ot by spontaneous fermentation.


LEV2050’S Sourdough Generators

Do you know about our Sourdough Generators?

LEV2050 manufactures customised Sourdough Generators. The generators are equipped with controls of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen for the introduction of gases, and homogenisation for controlled processes to allow maximum reproducibility, safety and performance.

These are automatic processes under programs that are carried out in accordance with the requirements, resources and processes of each bakery. That is, they are customised. The introduction of water, flour, inoculum or starter and posterior dosing of the baking dough is automatic. Different and customised software processes are implemented, depending on the starter that is used.

The use of Sourdough Generators offers great advantages. Let´s see some of them:

They improve the organoleptic quality of the product.

Very high efficiency is achieved in the inoculation, which leads to significant savings.

The equipment is fully automated. There is traceability and reproducibility of the processes. The sourdough generator is a breakthrough for bakeries, as without soudough generators, the preparation process would be more expensive and less traceable.

  • Gas flows, temperature and homogenisation are controlled and automated during sourdough generation.
  • There is an automatic acclimatisation inside the generator to the temperature of the bread mixture to be fermented.

There is fermentation control and safety.

Thanks to all theses advantages, maximum freshness and very intense aromas is achieved, dut to the viability and vitality of the inocula.

Would you like to give it a try?

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Enjoy it!