International Bread day (16th October)

Hello everybody! This Saturday, October 16th, we celebrate the International Bread day. We are going to see some curious facts about this food. In addition, we will see the characteristics of LEV2050’s patented sourdough generator.

First of all, the world celebrates this day with the aim of dedicating a day to a very traditional food all over the world, in order to raise awareness of its nutritional value and its great importance in our diet.

What is the origin of the bread?

Masa pan - LEV2050

The bread that we know today has its origin in very ancient cultures. Bread has been made from wheat for a long time, although nowadays, there are many varieties of bread, such as corn bread, rye bread, spelt bread, sprouted bread …

The Egyptians were the first to discover the important value of yeast in making bread. They discovered how it worked and they simply left the dough to ferment. Since then, bread is a food with a great popularity all over the world. Today, the bakery sector is in great demand, as it is a cheap and nutritional food.

Sourdough generators

At LEV2050 we manufacture customised and patented sourdough generators. The generators have controls for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen for gas introduction and homogenisation for controlled processes that allow maximum reproducibility, safety and yields.

These are automatic processes under programmes that are carried out according to the requirements, equipment and processes of each bakery.

In addition, the introduction of water, flour, inoculum or starter and subsequent dosing of the baking dough can be automatic. Depending on the starter that the bakery uses, they can customise different software processes.

The advantages of sourdough generators are:

  • First of all, improvements in the organoleptic quality of the final product
  • Secondly, there is inoculation of new cell generations with better fermentation capacity
  • It also obtains very high yields, leading to significant savings
  • In addition, it is an automated equipment (traceability and reproducibility of the processes). Controlled and automated gas flows, temperature and homogenisation in the generation of sourdough
  • Besides, it includes automatic acclimatisation inside the generator at the temperature to be fermented
  • Finally, there is a fermentation control and safety. Maximum inoculum viability and vitality is achieved
Generador de masa madre de LEV2050


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