How is a wine tasting done? – Part 2

In the previous post we started to explain how a tasting should be carried out. We gave information about the steps prior to the tasting. We also explained the first phase, the visual one. Today we will look at the next steps that we should carry out: the olfactory phase and the gustatory phase.

2. Olfactory phase

Cata de vino - LEV2050

Firstly, without stirring the wine, we bring our nose closer to smell it. At that moment we will identify the primary aromas (the ones that come from the grape, from nature, from the terroir…).

Afterwards, we shake the glass slightly. By doing this, the wine will come into contact with oxygen and it will give off more (secondary) aromas. The younger the wine, the more secondary aromas it will have.

However, we should take into account that sparkling wines should not be shaken.

3. Gustatory phase

The attack is the first sensations we perceive when the wine reaches our mouth. With the tongue we move it from one side to the other and we try to appreciate the sweet, sour and bitter flavours (the salty taste does not appear in the wine). A rounded wine is one that achieves the perfect balance.

Secondly, we determine the texture (defined by characteristics such as silk, velvet or satin), and this is where touch comes in. We will feel softness or smoothness as positive factors, or astringency and roughness as negative ones.

Finally, we will highlight what “end” the wine has left us with. It may be tannic, acidic, etc… it may not have a very defined end. However, the wine may even have an unpleasant (dirty) one. Depending on the persistence of the end, we can talk about a short, medium, long, or even very long wine.

Cata de vino - LEV2050

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