How is a wine tasting done? – Part 1

Many of us consume wine on a regular basis. However, are we able to tell them apart? In today’s post we will explain how to carry out a wine tasting in order to better understand the sensations of each wine and, therefore, learn to differentiate them.

Cata de vinos

Before we carry out a tasting, there are certain aspects that we must take into account.

The place where we will carry out the tasting, is important. It should be at a good temperature, free of smells and with a good lighting. It should also be well ventilated.

The company is very important. We should get together with as many people as we want, as long as there is wine for everyone. These people should be interested in tasting the wines and having a good time. Those attending the tasting should not wear perfume so as not to “contaminate” the smell of the wine. The same applies to any other type of external smells.

In case we are going to taste several wines, it is best to have a different glass for each one. In this way, they will not mix with each other.

Finally, the material that we need for the tasting is not much: corkscrew, ice bucket (if the wine has to be kept cold), spittoon, paper and pen to write down notes and water.

To taste a wine, we must use all our senses. There are 3 of them that intervene in a more prominent way. These are sight, smell and taste.

1. Visual phase

When we hold the glass, we should grab it by the stem or base so as not to heat the wine.

The first thing to observe is the colour, which will give us an idea of the age of the wine. In a red wine, the more “ruby” red, bluish or violet tones it has, the younger it will be. Also, if we can see clearly through the wine, we will consider it to be low cape. If not, it will be high cape.

Another aspect we should observe is the clarity. This gives us information about possible defects or faults in the wine. It must be “clean”.

Cata de vino

In the next post we will explain the next steps to carry out in a wine tasting. Don’t miss it!

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