François Lurton Wine tasting

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Hello everybody!

As it usually happens around this time, we have already started with the wine tastings from the different studies we have carried out for different wineries.

On this occasion, we tasted the micro-vinifications of the study of isolation, identification, selection and characterisation of the yeasts that we have carried out for the French group of wineries “Domaines François Lurton“.

We had the pleasure of welcoming in our LEV2050 facilities in Pamplona, François Lurton himself (owner of the winery), as well as Xavier Luc Linglin and Germán Nieto (technical director of the Group and responsible of the winery, respectively).

What did the wine tasting consist of?

Before starting the wine tasting, we took a short tour of our facilities, from the microbiology laboratories where the most different yeasts are isolated, identified and selected, to the oenology rooms, where we carry out the characterisation of the yeasts through micro-vinifications. We finished in the customised biomass production room, where we produce the industrial multiplications of the different yeasts or other microorganisms.

We then proceeded to the tasting of 20 micro-vinifications, each one carried out with a different yeast, including those belonging to the Saccharomyces genera, as well as other different species of the Non-Saccharomyces genera. These wines all started from the same wine matrix, however, due to the use of different yeast isolates from the François Lurton Group, each of the 20 resulting wines had completely different organoleptic profiles.

The participants of the wine tasting chose the yeasts that revealed the best profiles in the wine, taking into account the analytical data resulting from each fermentation. Some really interesting things were seen.

At LEV2050, we will carry out a second series of “mixed” micro-vinifications, using combinations of the yeasts chosen by the winery as fermentation starters, looking for synergies between them. After a second tasting, “Domaines François Lurton” will choose the best combinations of its own yeasts to guide its fermentations, to use them for the next grape harvest, and thus obtain wines with their own unique profiles.

Here you can see some photos of the wine tasting.

We hope you enjoyed them!