Food 4 Future Fair (June 15/16/17)

Good afternoon everybody!

Last week we were at the “Food 4 Future” fair, which took place in Bilbao on the 15/16/17 of June. This fair covered topics about the food industry, as well as the implementation of new technologies in processes.

LEV2050 - Food 4 Future

LEV2050 - Food 4 Future

“Food 4 Future” aims to become the platform to discover the latest innovations and trends that are driving the transformation of the food industry.

What did de fair consist of?

Stand LEV2050 - Food 4 Future

Our company, LEV2050, set up a stand where we explained our services and products to all those who were interested, coming from different sectors such as bakery, meat, brewery, dairy,…

In our stand, we presented a sourdough generator, for which we received the patent (P201930312) a couple weeks ago. We also exhibited a BR-LEV2050® bioreactor (also patented), to carry out bio-processes, allowing to generate biomass of any type of microorganism (yeast, bacteria and fungi), to carry out enzymatic processes or to obtain mannoprotein fractions.

Both equipment generated great interest among the visitors of the fair.

On the last day, David García Yoldi, LEV2050’s CEO, had the opportunity of making a presentation about or company. During the presentation, he explained the different products and services we offer, and the importance that exists nowadays in differentiation in a globalised market, as well as the advantages of the offer that we propose through studies of isolation and selection of microorganisms, and the great potential of the microorganism multiplying bioreactors for use in different agro-food industries.

LEV2050 - Food 4 Future
LEV2050 - Food 4 Future

We can sum up the experience in a very positive way, as we had the opportunity to meet very interesting and different people and companies, with whom we hope to collaborate in the near future.

Here you can see some pictures from “Food 4 Future” fair.

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