Food 4 Future fair (food industry)

From 17 to 19 May, our company LEV2050 was an exhibitor at the Food 4 Future trade fair in Bilbao.

Food 4 Future seeks to discover the latest innovations and trends that are driving the transformation of the food industry. For example, the concern for healthy eating, sustainable and efficient food production or the fight against climate change, … At LEV2050 we are very focused on this transformation, and our products and services follow this line.


Stand LEV2050

At our stand we presented 2 types of bioreactors. One of them was a Full Equipe Pasteurisable bioreactor. On the other hand, we also presented an Autoclavable reactor.

In addition to these equipments, we also presented different fluidising adjuvants to improve the performance of different microorganisms that our clients use as biofertilisation or biocontrol agents: TRICHO-LEV (for Trichoderma), SUBTI-LEV (for Bacillus subtilis), THURI-LEV (for Bacillus thuringiensis), METHY-LEV (for Methylobacterium symbioticum), as well as MULTILEV-ECO and LACTILEV ECO (for yeasts and lactic acid bacteria respectively). Finally, we presented our newest products: PILLOW and PILLOW NON ETHYL. These 2 products avoid reductions and ethylphenols in wine, leaving 0 residue.

In addition to presenting our products and services, we had the possibility to make our company LEV2050 known in these sectors in a more profound way.

Dr. David Garcia Yoldi, CEO of LEV2050, had the opportunity to give a talk on the application of microbiology in the service of the agri-food industry. After it, he had a round of questions.

In addition, David gave 2 interviews to different media. On the one hand, an interview for the F4F fair itself, whose video you will be able to see soon. On the other hand, he had a telephone interview with Eva Caballero, for the program “La mecánica del Caracol” of Radio Euskadi. This interview was broadcast in the programme on the evening of Thursday 19.

During the 3 days of the fair we had the possibility to meet very interesting companies that were interested in LEV2050 and our commitment to sustainability and circular economy. We hope to start collaborating with them as soon as possible.


If you would like to know more about our products, our services or about LEV2050, do not hesitate to visit our website. There you will find all the information you are looking for. We hope you liked it!