Customised studies for wineries

At LEV2050 we offer a wide variety of studies. They are both for wineries and for other food sectors such as meat, dairy, brewing or bakery. Thanks to this, we have been able to provide added value in innovation, customisation and control of microbiological processes.

Our ultimate philosophy is the exaltation of personality: that companies use and reproduce their own micro-organisms, in order to obtain an original and unique end product.

In this case, we are going to focus exclusively on winery studies. More specifically, we are going to explain the study of foam stability and nutrition in sparkling wines, and the experimental winery study.

Study of foam stability and nutrition in sparkling wines

Vino espumoso

First of all, we have the study of foam stability and nutrition in sparkling wines. In this study, we analyse and test different yeast lysates from the winery as nutritional, structural and organoleptic agents.

In addition, single or mixed lysates with significant effects on foam formation and stability will be analysed at different doses.

The aim is to achieve a reproducible profile and foam persistence in secondary fermentation by using sustainable, biological, proprietary solutions.

Experimental winery study

We also have the experimental winery studio. We offer a micro-vinification service for the creation of tailor-made wines.

Thanks to the capacity we have to carry out and to control micro-vinifications in detail, making around 1,500 wines a year, we offer the possibility of experimenting in the creation of wines with different variables: different technological processes, oenological products, yeasts, lactic bacteria, temperatures, etc.



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