Collaboration in Switzerland with Changins

Last March, David Garcia Yoldi (CEO of LEV2050) and Julien Ditté (LEV2050 representative in France) travelled to Switzerland to visit “Changins: Haute école de viticulture et oenologie”. There, they sealed a future collaboration in the field of training for the students of this prestigious school.

CHANGINS is a unique centre in Switzerland for higher education in the vineyard, wine and arboriculture sector. This centre groups together 3 schools:

  • University of Applied Sciences in Oenology
  • School of Viticulture
  • School of Wines

Furthermore, this centre, located in north-western Switzerland, is distinguished by its high level of technical, theoretical and practical knowledge. They put into practice this knowledge in the fields of viticulture, oenology and business management.

Changins visit

Professor Dr Benoit Bach, professor of oenology and distilled beverages, was the one who contacted LEV2050. Dr Benoit was also the one who conducted the presentation and tour of the school, showing us around the facilities. He is also in charge of the oenology sector and the microbiology group.

Placa LEV2050

After visiting the centre, David and Julien explained what LEV2050 is and what we do. They put special emphasis on explaining the biodiversity of the Terroir, the rhizophagy effect and the consequences of this. In other words, how the plant absorbs a wide range of microbiota, becoming the mirror of the Terroir.

We also explained the studies we carry out. For example, the phylogenetic study of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, the study of nutrition, the biodynamic study… We also explained the alcohol modification study and the biofertilisation, biocontrol and biocompost study. They also talked about the patented bioreactors of LEV2050 and the culture media that we use in them, with special emphasis on the advantages of using this equipment, both in economic savings, time, control and traceability of the processes, and increases in the quality of the microorganism grown, which affects the quality of the final product.  


If you would like to know more about our products, our services or about LEV2050, do not hesitate to visit our website. There you will find all the information you are looking for. We hope you liked it!