Château Grand Boise degustation


Today we present another tasting that took place the 17th of May in France. On this occasion it was the turn of the Château Grand Boise winery, in France. The micro-vinifications of the study on personalised nutrition of the winery were tasted.

Château Grand Boise - LEV2050

Due to the current situation, we sent all the wine samples to France, where the wine degustation took place. Julien Ditté, LEV2050 representative in France, was present at the tasting. From the Château Grand Boise winery, the following attended: Jean Simonet (director of the winery) and Yoann Aglietti (cellar master).

Julien Ditte was in charge of explaining the processes through which the different micro-vinifications of the wine from the Château Grand Boise winery had gone through.


Firstly, the tasting started with an explanation of the study on personalised nutrition. The study consists in selecting the phylogenetically most diverse genera, species and strains of yeast to produce lysates that act as nutritional, organoleptic and structural agents. In other words, the objective is to obtain personalised nutrients.

This is the second study carried out for the Château Grand Boise winery. The previous year we carried out a study on the selection of autochthonous yeasts, where their yeasts were tested as fermentation starters. The tasting showed that each of the micro-vinifications presented totally different organoleptic profiles. The ones that most pleased and surprised the participants were chosen.

Finally, using the selected yeasts from the previous study as starters, different yeast lysates have been tested as nutrient agents for the organic nutrition in alcoholic fermentation, achieving results totally differentials in the wine’s profiles.

Here are some photos of the tasting.

We hope you enjoyed it!

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