BR-CV bioreactor (tirage of sparkling wines)

At LEV2050 we have different bioreactor models. Today we are going to talk about the BR-CV bioreactor model, specific for sparkling wine tirage.

BR-CV bioreactor

Biorreactor BR-CV LEV2050

This model is a bioreactor for the multiplication of yeasts, lactic bacteria and for the battonage of lees or yeast lysate. It also allows for the controlled adaptation of yeast to the secondary fermentation.

The BR-CV is a patented bioreactor with an additional unique function: growth of yeast and subsequent controlled adaptation to ethanol.

This model of bioreactor offers multiple advantages. Thanks to its use, there is a significant saving of time in the winery. In addition, it increments the organoleptic profile of the “pied de cuve”. There are high concentrations of vital and viable ethanol-adapted yeasts. The use of the BR-CV bioreactor means greater fermentation safety. Finally, the bioreactors are totally automated and highly traceable in the processes, which increases the control and the reproducibility in the “pied de cuve”.

There are different sizes, depending on the volume of tirage that is carried out in each process.

Optional elements

When we build the bioreactors, in LEV2050 we take into account the needs and requirements of each winery. Therefore, there are some elements for the bioreactors, which are optional (each winery chooses if they want any of these elements):

  • Remote control modules
  • Front sight glass and digital volume indicator
  • Valve for automatic controlled discharge
  • pH probe (ph-meter)
  • Chiller
  • Compressor
  • Dryer
  • Ladder and platform for access to upper domes

Do you want to know more about our bioreactors? On our website you will be able to find the information you are looking for, from all our bioreactor models, to the products or growth mediums we offer to use in them. Do not hesitate to visit it!

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